What Is An NFT?

While Wikipedia says the NFT Art started in 2015, it didn’t really come into prominence until 2020. Amazing Digital Artists like Beeple-Crap (aka Mike Winklemann) were really the ones responsible for the big jump in news stories later in 2020 into early 2021. Beeple released a piece that ended up selling for $69,000,000.00! And the cool thing is that the person who purchased the NFT can later sell it to someone else, and Beeple will get a commision. Each piece of art that is “Minted” is unique with its own digital footprint. So the artist can sell multiple copies of an image, but each one is unique. For me this whole thing reminds me of many different times in my life that I read about different things happening that I wished I had gotten involved with at the beginning. So when I read about this latest craze I wanted to get involved. Now a majority of what you see selling as NFT Art or Crypto Art is really incredible 3 dimensional animated digital creations. My work starts off as a collection of images. Some I have taken and some I collect from sites on the internet that offer free images. They are combined into a digital collage then altered further. I call them my Dreamscapes. So I thought, why can’t I do this NFT thing too? And the answer is, Why not? So I did some research and settled on a site to “Mint” my NFT Art. No, it isn’t super refined animated 3 dimensional digital work. But it is digital and it is unique. So I jumped in the water and I am now super excited to be a part of this community.

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