We Must Experience Art

My mom was an artist and at every opportunity she exposed us to art. We went to museums all the time. She taught art in our home during the summer. As I grew older I valued that I was shown to appreciate the creative spirit. I seek it. There was a park near the house I grew up in, Furman Park in Downey California. At the park was the Downey Museum of Art. It was an old house converted to a gallery. This was in the late sixties, early seventies and everytime I went to the park I went in to see art. Very often they had installations that took up entire rooms. You had to walk thru, be a part of and experience these rooms. You became a part of the art simply by entering the room. The artist used the viewer to enhance his creativity. I recently was able to see an installation by one of my favorite artists, Yayoi Kusama. The piece is called “Love is Calling” and is pictured above. Standing in that mirror lined room, with color and form repeating to infinity I was taken to another space and time. Back to my childhood, to the future, into the universe of creative expression.

We can convey so much through our creativity. We can make people think and feel. And the beauty of that is what a person thinks or feels while looking at or experiencing a piece is completly their own private experience, their own private Idaho. The more I get out and attend openings, go to museums the more inspired I am. I love seeing what peoples minds come up with and how they represent those thoughts and ideas into physical form. Most larger cities have artist communities. Seek them out, go to the local galleries and art festivals. Or go to an art event like Burning Man. The important thing is that you experience art. Even if you don’s consider yourself and artist, it will enrich your soul.

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