Let’s Explore Print On Demand

Have you ever considered reproducing your work? Not just having paintings printed on canvas, but your work printed on a variety of products. There was a time when having your art or designs printed on products was an expensive endeavor. You had to print a large quantity of one item, then you had to have somewhere to store all of those items. With the rise of “Print on Demand” technology that has all changed. 

There are many different companies out there offering print on demand services. There are some sites that boast of printing “In The USA” like Gelato, Gooten and Scalable Press with printing locations scattered around the country. While many other companies have printing facilities all over the world. Orders placed are made then shipped from the closest facility to the customer.

Basically you upload your work and “place” it on different products. The printer creates mock-ups of the products that have your work. When someone purchases one of your products it is then made. Like anything we do, simply putting your images on products and making your profile live doesn’t guarantee sales. You still need to market your new products. Many of the sites offer mockups that have been created with your designs on the chosen products. These mockups can be downloaded and used to create images for marketing your print on demand offerings. There are many sites out there listing different printing companies, check out posts like 31 Best Print On Demand Sites and Service Companies or 11 Best Print On Demand Sites 2021. Most have similar product offerings. You will need to decide what products you want to sell and let that help you in deciding which company to go with. You will also need to decide how you want to sell your products. Some POD companies give you a profile page to showcase you and your work. Others integrate with your website. I have a profile on Society6 where I sell my work as prints as well as shower curtains, pillows, phone cases and many other products. I also have a stand-alone site on Shopify offering POD clothing at chrismccormickart.com. Whichever you decide, Goodluck!

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