McCormickART Dreamscapes NFT

I have decided to jump into the NFT Art scene. My work is now available to purchase as an NFT (Non Fungible Token) using Ethereum. You Can click on any of the images below to see that piece, or click on here to see the entire McCormickART Dreamscapes Collection.


I began creating digital collage during a challenging time in my life. They were an escape, often created late into the night. I combine images I have taken with vintage images found on the internet. All manipulated and combined into what I call “dream images” because to me they are slightly off center, something familiar yet not so. Many are available for purchase printed in a variety of different ways, whatever suits you best. Please contact for more info.

James Dean Angels Among Us
The Little Girl in the Sea
Alien Lighthouse
On The Planets Face
How Did We Get Here?
Childs Imagination
Space Vixens
Story Time
Lost In Dreamland
The Beginning
I Am
Angel Mom
My Own Confusion
Covid-19 Attack
Glinda Lost Her Bubble
Integratron Watchers
Bad Trip

Below is a representation of the graphics created for my “print-on-demand” offerings on sites like Society6. Bold, colorful designs available on a variety of products.
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